The Best AP Subjects and Ideal Textbooks

Image resultI know the big AP test isn’t until may, but I usually like to start studying around october so that come test time I will be well prepared. My parents have told me the important of AP scores and how they will impact what kind of college I will get into. I have always been a pretty good student; that is to say, I get good grades in school and I study hard for them. It’s never been that difficult for me to study because I genuinely find so many things interesting.

I am going to be challenging myself this year and going to be taking 5 AP exams. A lot I know, but I think if I can ace 5 of them, I will really stand out from the crowd when it comes time to do college applications.

Here are the subjects I will be studying and what textbooks I bought.

AP World History

World history is simply my favorite subject so this one is a no brainer for me. I literally bought the world history textbook for entertainment purposes (I’m such a nerd). History is fascinating to me, and besides united states history, world history has to be a close second. Spoken like a true American, I know.

Of course if you didn’t know, the best AP world history textbook is traditions & encounters, it is the standard text in most high schools. You can check it out at the link above.

You can get a jump start by checking out this video too:

AP Biology

I picked up a copy of Campbell’s Biology in the summer and have been reading through. I have to say I’m not the biggest biology fan so getting through it isn’t always easy. That said, I know that biology is critical if you want to take any kind of medical science which I want to have the option to do.

AP US History

Should have mentioned this second, but of course, with history being my favorite subject, I will be taking the AP US History exam. The textbook I purchased is American History: Connecting with the past by Alan Brinkley. According to, this is the best AP US History book. They didn’t provide this textbook in school and I have to say it is much better than what I was taught in class.

AP Psychology

This is basically a mandatory exam that nearly everyone takes. I think it is widely considered one of the easier exams, but I’m not so sure. I don’t remember learning much about psychology over the last 3 years and unless they plan to teach it to me in the next semester, I think I need to study up on this right away.

The textbook i purchased for this exam is Myers’ Psychology, AP Edition. I haven’t opened it yet.

Finally, AP Environmental Science

To round out my exams, I will be taking the environmental science exam. You will notice that I left out the maths like calculus and physics because frankly, I’m not that interested in math. Environmental science, biology and psychology will give me a great springboard into medicine, which I think will set me up really well for the future.

Well there you have it, the ap textbooks that I picked up for this up-coming exam season. Wish me well!


GRE Study Book Site

Since we are on the topic of books, I thought I’d mention this awesome site I used while recently studying for my GRE, it’s called and they saved me a ton of money.  I’m the type of person who will just blindly buy all the books on a subject and read all of them; even though most of the information is overlapping.

This time, however, I used their GRE Study Books to cover all the subjects without the overlap. In total I spent roughly $225 on Amazon on Books and rocked the GRE. I’m now going to be applying the medical school with my high GRE test score in hand.

Many of my friends took courses like the ones from Magoosh and Manhattan Prep, but I just stick to GRE Review Books. Some of them spent thousands and still didn’t score as high as I did. And it’s not because I am smarter or anything, but because the books are of such high quality, and the courses are a place where people socialize.

This is not a sponsored post, I think that many of you who are into book recommendations might also be in higher education and seeking to take your GRE exam. You will save a lot of money by using this site, and you can thank me in the comments for sharing the site!

Good to Great by James Collins

From Good to Great by James Collins is a staple in large corporations and small businesses alike all across the world. It is one of those books that states the obvious in a clear and compelling way, and inspires immediate inspiration. If you are like me, that inspiration will expire quickly!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great read. My challenge with the book is it talks about the benefits of focus, doing that one thing great. Well, more than one thing, to do everything great, and nothing mediocre. Indeed, most people know this to be true, but how do you summon the will power and discipline to deliver greatness in everything in life?

I didn’t think the book offered enough strategies on how to sustain greatness in the long run. I thought I talked about a lot of common sense things, although it’s hard to know what common sense is these days.

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Welcome to my blog, and to my first post!

My first book recommendation is called Give and Take by Adam Grant. This book really opened my eyes about how I personally behave, and those around me behave and why we feel certain ways about people.

The general idea in the book is that there are people who are givers; those who give more than they receive. There are equalizers, those who always want to “re-pay” anything that was given to them, and there are takers; those who receive more than they give.

This applies to everything in life, even simple things, like how conversations go. Some people do all the talking, others balance it well, others only listen. What really opened my eyes is how some of my “closest” friends behave with me, where they are usually always taking and rarely giving. It seemed innocent enough, coming over to the house and consuming my food and drinks, while rarely inviting to host themselves.

While I accept others for being takers, it made me a lot more aware of my own behavior. I have always been a giver, but it does leaving me feeling resentful towards some people. Now with those people, I am more aware not to give as much, which should make me feel better about the relationship.

Anyway, I highly recommend this book, check it out on Amazon!