The Best AP Subjects and Ideal Textbooks

Image resultI know the big AP test isn’t until may, but I usually like to start studying around october so that come test time I will be well prepared. My parents have told me the important of AP scores and how they will impact what kind of college I will get into. I have always been a pretty good student; that is to say, I get good grades in school and I study hard for them. It’s never been that difficult for me to study because I genuinely find so many things interesting.

I am going to be challenging myself this year and going to be taking 5 AP exams. A lot I know, but I think if I can ace 5 of them, I will really stand out from the crowd when it comes time to do college applications.

Here are the subjects I will be studying and what textbooks I bought.

AP World History

World history is simply my favorite subject so this one is a no brainer for me. I literally bought the world history textbook for entertainment purposes (I’m such a nerd). History is fascinating to me, and besides united states history, world history has to be a close second. Spoken like a true American, I know.

Of course if you didn’t know, the best AP world history textbook is traditions & encounters, it is the standard text in most high schools. You can check it out at the link above.

You can get a jump start by checking out this video too:

AP Biology

I picked up a copy of Campbell’s Biology in the summer and have been reading through. I have to say I’m not the biggest biology fan so getting through it isn’t always easy. That said, I know that biology is critical if you want to take any kind of medical science which I want to have the option to do.

AP US History

Should have mentioned this second, but of course, with history being my favorite subject, I will be taking the AP US History exam. The textbook I purchased is American History: Connecting with the past by Alan Brinkley. According to, this is the best AP US History book. They didn’t provide this textbook in school and I have to say it is much better than what I was taught in class.

AP Psychology

This is basically a mandatory exam that nearly everyone takes. I think it is widely considered one of the easier exams, but I’m not so sure. I don’t remember learning much about psychology over the last 3 years and unless they plan to teach it to me in the next semester, I think I need to study up on this right away.

The textbook i purchased for this exam is Myers’ Psychology, AP Edition. I haven’t opened it yet.

Finally, AP Environmental Science

To round out my exams, I will be taking the environmental science exam. You will notice that I left out the maths like calculus and physics because frankly, I’m not that interested in math. Environmental science, biology and psychology will give me a great springboard into medicine, which I think will set me up really well for the future.

Well there you have it, the ap textbooks that I picked up for this up-coming exam season. Wish me well!