GRE Study Book Site

Since we are on the topic of books, I thought I’d mention this awesome site I used while recently studying for my GRE, it’s called and they saved me a ton of money.  I’m the type of person who will just blindly buy all the books on a subject and read all of them; even though most of the information is overlapping.

This time, however, I used their GRE Study Books to cover all the subjects without the overlap. In total I spent roughly $225 on Amazon on Books and rocked the GRE. I’m now going to be applying the medical school with my high GRE test score in hand.

Many of my friends took courses like the ones from Magoosh and Manhattan Prep, but I just stick to GRE Review Books. Some of them spent thousands and still didn’t score as high as I did. And it’s not because I am smarter or anything, but because the books are of such high quality, and the courses are a place where people socialize.

This is not a sponsored post, I think that many of you who are into book recommendations might also be in higher education and seeking to take your GRE exam. You will save a lot of money by using this site, and you can thank me in the comments for sharing the site!